Teams Scoring an Average of 14.54 Runs in The 20th Over


On the other hand, the least productive overs of an innings are the second, first and 11th – in that order. In the second over, when field restrictions are in place, the average runs per over has been 5.25 so far. Overall, 84 runs have been scored in the second over bowled in all eight matches until Saturday. In the first over, when the restrictions are again in place, the run rate is 5.31, and in the 11th over it is 6.31.

For the bowling side, most wickets have fallen in the 16th and 20th overs. In both these overs, 11 wickets each have fallen. “Also in the 13th IPL, over six wickets were lost in the second over, so the scoring slowed down while in the first over, only two wickets have fallen so far. Six wickets in the second over is very high and unusual,” says Mohan.

The fewest number of wickets — only two — have fallen in the first, eighth, and 13th overs.

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