Video: Celebrating Father’s Day with Bollywood sons and dads


A daughter’s first love, a son’s best inspiration… father’s are not just people who brought us into the world, but also ones who talk us everything about life and how to live it. From your very first step to your big decisions in life, a father is your biggest cheer leader through it all. 

Though one day would not be enough to thank out dad for all the love, sacrifices and motivation they’ve give us in our lives, but a dedicated day to make them feel special is always welcome. So celebrating Father’s Day today, we all take a moment to cherish the one man who makes life easer even when teaching us tough lessons, who puts us before anything else in the world and serves as the one person we can always count on, no matter how the situation is. 

Here’s wishing every amazing father who taught us that unconditional and irrevocable love too exists in the world. Happy Father’s day to all. 

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