Maruthi to re-enter the production business?


Maruthi to re-enter the production business?
Maruthi to re-enter the production business?

Maruthi has created a sensation with the movie Pratiroju Pandage. The movie has been a sensational hit starring Sai Dharam Tej and Raashi Khanna. Now, Maruthi after a blockbuster is working out on different subjects. He has a couple of interesting subjects but currently, heroes who are in demand are very busy. So, Maruthi has decided to re-enter the production business.

Actually, Maruthi at the start of his career before attaining stardom has produced several small films. He has debuted the film Eerojullo and his second movie Bus Stop are super hits. After these releases, Maruthi has turned producer or been the backbone of many small films.

For some of them, Maruthi has given the story and screenplay as well. However, many of those films didn’t work well and the brand name of Maruthi got damaged. So he stayed away from the production business.

Now, it is said that he is willing to reenter the production business. This time he is going to plan everything perfectly. He will be presenting a film besides providing the story and screenplay.

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