Hrithik Roshan Talks About his Food Philosophy


Hrithik Roshan is often referred to as the greek god of Bollywood. But, apart from the good looks he’s blessed with, the actor also puts in his all to ensure he looks after his body. As we all know, diet is the most crucial factor in order to keep yourself fit and Hrithik too, is extremely particular about what he eats.

Hrithik Roshan

During an interview with Filmfare, the actor shed details about his ‘food philosophy’. He said, “My food philosophy is simple. I eat every three hours and I eat a balanced meal. I’m particular about what I eat. I have a timetable. I eat only when I’m required to eat. You’re going to hear the same old things from me. About how we should eat healthy. But no one follows it. If you really want to do something about your diet then be serious. Stop eating fried food. At least do that one thing to begin with. I eat only when I’m required to eat. The truth is that when I have food inside me, I think better. I feel stronger and I last longer on my feet. We make a huge mistake when we starve ourselves. We forget to eat and then we take pride in saying that I haven’t eaten for eight hours. It’s the most foolish thing in the world. Because if you have food in your stomach, you have fuel and you work better. I’ve realised if you want to get better at something all you have to is to follow the simple rule – eat regularly.”

Who would have thought the key to his fitness was eating regularly?

Hrithik Roshan food philosophy

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