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Milan Verma is emerging as a role model for fitness freaks

Milan Verma is an Indian Actor, Dancer, Fashion Model and a Multiple Reality show contestant. He is primarily known for his work in fitness and body building industry. He can be seen in fitness brand ad shoots for
Brands like New balance, Hustle, Elevar, Honor phones, Octavius, Go pro, The man company, M caffeine, Antum, Healthvit, Zebronics, Asitis companies and many more of these likes while most importantly he is known to introduce Calisthenics for the first time on Roadies Platform seen in Roadies Rising and eventually train athletes to push there limits. His craze for Roadies and fitness was recognized by his mentor and youth heart throb Ranvijay and have him in his Squadran group of talented youth. However one of his prodigy child who is also his younger brother Akash Verma is now being featured in Roadies Revolution 2020 and thus both brothers are motivating youth towards fit lifestyle. Born on 4th July 1994 and 8th February 1998, they did schooling from SVDM School Panipat.
He is seen in his debut in Roadies Rising and on public demand is brought back to introduce his prodigy Akash Verma in Roadies Revolution 2020.
Sources also has that he is collaborating with some esteem Bollywood projects in near future which due to lockdown would take more time to surface so let’s wish them luck and hope to see them on big screen soon. While other would be excited about debuting but Milan is found stressing over his return on ROADIES REVOLUTION Journey to join his brother on national TV to depict the youth of nation about true sportsmanship while the brothers compete to win the title and emphasis on fair play which Roadies truly stands for so it would be exciting to see if we get to see Milan back on journey to woo his followers and fitness fraternity while MTV entertains us as always.

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