Anurag Kashyap reveals his production house rejected Ranveer Singh twice


The nepotism debate is pretty active currently among Bollywood fans. Netizens feel Bollywood blocks the promotion of new talents and thus denying a chance to strugglers. Ranveer Singh is one star who’s also been accused of getting an opportunity due to ‘family influence’

Anurag Kashyap Ranveer Singh

However, in a recent interview with a renowned journalist, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap revealed that the actor has gone through his fair share of struggles. In fact, he revealed two of his personal experiences to justify his opinion as well. He stated, “Many people call him an insider because of some remote connection, from two generations before, the man has struggled. Ranveer Singh was rejected in an audition in Shaitan. Ranveer Singh is an actor who when I wanted to cast him in Bombay Velvet, I had a tough time. My studios and nobody believed in me and told me they will not give me money if I made the film with him. So even that Ranveer Singh, that I know two personal stories of my own production that rejected him, he is a star today.”

Anurag Kashyap Ranveer Singh

Kashyap also feels the nepotism debate is now pointless after the emergence of OTT. He said, “See nepotism was a debate of 2000, the early decade. Right now, with OTT coming into the picture, that debate is pointless. There are much more opportunities on OTT, there are much more outsiders coming in. That was the time I fought that battle. When me and Kangana were friends and were like ‘We will do this film’. How many people believed in Queen? Nobody did. We went down and fought that battle. This industry was about supporting their people, like any other business.”

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