Akshay Kumar launches online health tracker for Nashik cops


With the pandemic at its peak in Maharashtra, our cops are staying out on the streets to maintain law and order. This has exposed them to the risk of contacting the fatal virus. To support them, Akshay Kumar has come forward and done something noble for the Nashik city cops. 



Coronavirus has an incubation period of two weeks and sometimes infected people can be asymptomatic. This increases the risk of people being exposed to a carrier. Akshay Kumar has now launched an online health system, which keeps the health of the police force in check. The cops have been given smart bands that are linked to a centralised system, which will keep a track of their health and fitness. Hence if the tracker finds something abnormal, medical intervention can be provided at an early stage. Speaking about this, Akshay told a portal, “The commitment of our police force is commendable and praiseworthy, and their relentless hard work and bravery is nothing less than heroic. We need to safeguard and protect the frontline workers, who are tirelessly working for our safety during these unprecedented times. As this situation continues to persist, I believe technology can help us fight this pandemic more efficiently. The online health monitoring system will help the Nashik City Police monitor the health and fitness of their police personnel and take precautionary measures to keep them safe.”


Akshay has also provided PPE kits to Mumbai cops and wristbands to keep them safe. Apparently, the actor got in touch with a popular single screen theatre in Mumbai to inquire if they needed financial aid to pay wages to their workers since theatres are going to be shut for a long time.

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